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Experience the Capsule Cool Mattress, designed to provide a serene and temperature-regulated sleeping experience. This innovative mattress features a cutting-edge cooling fabric that delivers an exceptionally restoring sensation. Paired with a 60mm internal cooling gel layer, it forms a powerful defence against overheating during sleep. Crafted with comfort in mind, the mattress features a 1000 count spring unit that provides optimal support and alignment for your body, ensuring a restful nights sleep. This mattress includes a luxurious zip-off cover for easy care and maintenance.

 Advanced Cooling Technology: Serene sleep awaits with our cutting-edge cooling fabric and 60mm internal cooling gel layer, regulating temperature for uninterrupted rest.

• Optimal Support and Alignment: Enjoy superior support and alignment with a 1000 count spring unit, promoting a restful nights sleep and reducing discomfort.

 Crafted for Comfort: Designed for your comfort, this mattress ensures a revitalising sleep experience, leaving you feeling refreshed and energised each morning.

• Luxurious Zip-off Cover: Effortless care with a luxurious zip-off cover, adding sophistication to maintenance routines.

• Quality Construction: Premium materials and innovative design ensure long-lasting durability and performance, guaranteeing years of blissful sleep.

Available sizes

190cm D x 135cm W x 28cm H

198cm D x 150cm W x 28cm H

Technical specification

Name Capsule Cool Mattress
Stock Code MAT086/MAT087
Sizes 135cm/150cm
No. of Cartons 1

Delivery Info

The product can take up to 2-3 weeks to be delivered due to shipment from the UK. For more information or any update on Shipping please contact the seller at or ring at (094) 902 5540





135cm , 150cm


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